General ANC Checkup Services

The Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) profile test written by the doctor for pregnant lady. It’s basic routine test to know about the condition of pregnant lady. This Profile help to know about the starting condition about a lady. She has infection or not. The absolute neutrophil count ( ANC) profile cover Many test which is very important for pregnancy. Like HIV I & II , HBsAg, Anti HCV , Complete Hemogram (CBC),Thyroid Test , Sugar and Blood group.These all are Test includes in this profile .

We are only the understand the patient need that’s why We made ANC Blood test. To know about the fitness of the lady patient. We make a profile which is cover all test during your pregnancy.

What is ANC panel test?

Various tests are performed over the course of pregnancy to determine if the mother has any health conditions that may interfere with normal development of the fetus or if the fetus has any health conditions that may affect the baby’s quality of life.

Importance of ante natal check-ups (ANC)