Lab Test In Delhi NCR

The efficient practice of modern medicine rests on a base support of a sound diagnostic backup facility. It is equipped with the latest State of art equipments. Our objective is to provide consistent, reliable and timely reports to faciliate optimum patient care. The lab services are available round the clock for patients all around the year. The laboratory service also provide facility for preventive health check ups.

Lab Tests Available At Priyanka Nursing Home & Ultrasound Centre

(Pathology)Laboratory Services

Priyanka Nursing Home & Ultrasound Centre, committed for Accuracy, Reliability and Accountability for the test results.

Radiology Services

Priyanka Nursing Home & Ultrasound Centre, doing best for providing comprehensive high quality imaging services

(Pathology)Laboratory Services

IMMUNOLOGY: We conduct immunological tests like Thyroid Profile,Viral Marker, VitaminD Vitamin B12 etc on fully automated machine ADVIA CENTAUR CP(SIEMENS)

BIOCHEMISTRY: All test of biochemistry like Lipid Profile, Blood Sugar, Kidney Profile etc. are performed on DIMENSION XPAND PLUS(SIEMENS)

HEMATOLOGY: ADVIA360(SIEMENS) carried all the hematology test like Complete Blood Count, Blood Group, ESR etc


CYTOLOGY: Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology(FNAC) procedure done by our expert Pathologist.

Radiology Services

The Department of Imaging Services is established to provide quality-imaging facility, facilitating our vision of providing comprehensive cancer care in a state-of-the art Radiology and Imaging department, since its inception. The department is composed of Radiology and Nuclear medicine. The Department is fully equipped to fulfill all the diagnostic and prognostic requirements for screening, early diagnosis, accurate staging and regular assessment of disease status in cancer patients. The department is committed to provide Radiology and Imaging facilities using state-of-the-art equipment to the patients.

The motto of the Department is “Quality assurance”. Radiology and Imaging Services at Priyanka Nursing Home & Ultrasound Centre combines the latest techniques, with state-of-the-art scanning equipments and expert staff. Our radiologists, technologists, and support staff are experienced in performing and interpreting cancer-related radiology and imaging studies. They′re also compassionate and understanding, because they know how intimidating some of the testing and technology can be.

The Department of Radiology and Imaging plays a vital role as a referral centre, teaching, training, carrying out clinical and translational research of the common cancers. This could be effectively possible with the establishment of communication links between the various medical centers externally and the in-house departments which has been achieved.