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Risks Associated with Pregnancy and C-section

 Risks Associated with Pregnancy and C-section

Giving birth to a baby occurs mainly in a simple but natural way in which the pregnant mother gives birth to a healthy baby with or without complications after experiencing labor pains at the end of her pregnancy period.

When complications occur, performing a simple natural childbirth is impossible for the pregnant mother. Pregnancies in which there is a significant risk of possible complications for both mother and baby are called high-risk pregnancies.

What are some of the risks associated with pregnancy?

Possible risk factors for high-risk pregnancies:

  1. Research shows that most uncomplicated and natural births occur when mothers are under 35 and over 17 years old. After this age, the chances of a complication increase.
  2. It is possible that the pregnant mother has some health problems before pregnancy such as high blood pressure, heart problems or some sexually transmitted disease that can be a risk factor for both the mother and the baby.
  3. There may also be hereditary reasons, such as a woman having some disorder that she inherited genetically, that can potentially be passed on to the baby.
  4. Some pregnant women get a type of diabetes that only occurs during pregnancy known as gestational diabetes and resolves after delivery ends.
  5. A woman who is pregnant with more than one baby is also at risk for complications such as blood pressure or premature delivery.
  6. Obesity is also a possible and unavoidable risk factor for having a high-risk pregnancy.
  7. Drinking alcohol, smoking, or other such bad habits can also lead to high-risk pregnancies.

High-risk pregnancies require additional monitoring and treatment throughout the pregnancy period by specialist physicians at the Priyanka Nursing Home And Ultrasound Centre. After evaluating the mother’s condition, the doctor can rule out a normal vaginal delivery and recommend a cesarean section that will be safe for both the baby and the mother.

Cesarean section and its relationship with high-risk pregnancies:
A cesarean section is a surgical procedure in which a baby is delivered through incisions in the abdomen or uterus. It is usually adopted in the case of high-risk pregnancies where there is a danger to the health of both the mother and the child.

When should a cesarean section be performed?

Here are some of the reasons why a cesarean may be done:

  • When a pregnant woman is expecting more than one baby and the conditions are too risky for her to have a standard vaginal delivery.
  • In cases where a pregnant woman may have a placenta that is in the wrong position in the uterus.
  • It can be done when reports show that the baby has birth defects.
  • A C-section is the best procedure when the baby is not placed in a healthy position in the uterus.
  • For women with a history of caesarean section during their previous delivery.
  • In cases where there are obstructions for the baby to come out, such as the presence of a fibroid.
  • When there are problems with labor and smooth vaginal delivery naturally it is not possible.
  • Although there are common risk factors associated with surgical procedures, a C-section is the best possible procedure during high-risk pregnancy to ensure a safe delivery and protect the health of both mother and child.

You can talk about her problems, fears and complications with the best gynecologist in Delhi NCR at Priyanka Nursing Home And Ultrasound Center which is one of the best obstetric clinics in Noida.

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